The Schedule

SVSM is a two-year school, with 4 modules each year. Each module is comprised of seven-week sessions, one class per week. Classes are held on Sundays from 4 pm – 7 pm at Convergence House of Prayer.


Reading the Bible and instructional books are a large part of our curriculum so plan on reading 30–60 minutes a day.  


SVSM is focused on personal transformation. While there are no grades given, participation, excellence, and timely completion of homework is expected of each student.

Honor System

Assignments are done on the “honor system” which is designed to do just that—build your honor. As such, students will learn to build their integrity one “yes,” one report, one checkbox at a time.



Doing life together is a core strength of the development of SVSM students. We want your experience to expand farther than coming to class and just leaving. There will be required meetings twice a month in order for you to grow into the fullness of your identity, to be encouraged as well as encouraging others, and to focus on the good that God is doing in yourself and the lives of other classmates.

Affordable childcare option is available for an additional price.