Identity & Inheritance

Includes a conference with Pastor Chris Cruz from Bethel Redding and Andy Glover


A focus on the Father’s Heart and Sonship. Understanding and embracing our

identity as sons and daughters of the Living God who is a good dad that wants

His children to thrive and bring His kingdom to Earth.

How to Read the Bible Supernaturally

Includes a conference with the author of the Passion Translation, Brian Simmons. Dr. Michael Brown will also be joining us to teach a week.


We believe that the Bible is the Living and Breathing Word of God that still

speaks and holds more true than anything else. Learn how to have the text

come to life and speak to every area of your existence and how to

find the gold within the pages. If your Bible is closed

that could very well be the reason why God seems silent.

Hosting the Presence


Scripture tells us that our bodies are temples of God. This means more than just

making sure that we stay healthy and take care of our bodies. It means that

we have the Living God inside of us! He has chosen to dwell in us and call

us His home. We now have the ability to bring Heaven into our situations.

The Prophetic: Hearing from God


Along with scripture God has chosen another way to bring His word and thoughts to our

world. That way is through us! When we access the Holy Spirit to receive the mind

Christ and the heart of the Father we get to show everyone how our Lord sees

them. Through the prophetic we encourage, lift up, and catapult people

into their identity and calling

More details to come!