Ekklesia and Transformation


Jesus said that we are His legislative assembly in this life. We have authority over

the supernatural realms around us. The church and the Ekklesia are not defined

by four walls. We carry the presence of God into every environment and can

transform the darkness into light.

Healing Power


It wasn’t a mistake when Jesus told us that we would do even greater

things than He performed. The same Holy Spirit that allowed Jesus to move

in power to bring the peace of Heaven over people’s bodies and circumstances

lives inside of you!

Discover, Develop, and Deploy Your Destiny


After everything you’ve learned through SVSM it is now time to start shaping

your current and future around the destiny and calling that God has spoken

over you. This course will be all about practical and real ways that

you can walk in your destiny in your everyday life no matter the situation or season.

Reigning in Life


We are co heirs with Christ. Christians were never meant to hide from success.

You need to stop hiding your lamp under a basket! God has setup

appointments and occasions for you to stand and reign with Christ in

this life through the practical and supernatural.

More details to come!